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02/02-09   -   Press releases

NEW Clip-On Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror

New Clip-on Auto-Dimming Rear-View Mirror

Upgrade from Drivers Seat to Cockpit in Seconds!

This auto- dimming clip-on mirror quickly transforms a factory fitted rear-view mirror into a precision instrument of vision protection.

Intense light reflecting off a rear-view mirror can make driving at night unbearable. With the new AlphaMirror, high-intensity headlight glare is automatically dimmed to protect the driver’s vision – without taking a hand off the wheel! The mirrors sensors adjust the tinting to the current lighting conditions and improve vision in all weather.

The AlphaMirror installs in seconds, no wiring or tools required. Just clip on and go. It’s also easily transferable from car to car! The efficiently designed mirror weighs less than 200g, with a 10.75" x 3" frame for an excellent field of vision. It completely covers the existing mirror; in fact it’s hard to tell it’s a clip on!

Spectral Protection™ offers the best protection tinting, reduces eye-irritating “blue" wavelengths and improves your vision and comfort.

The AlphaMirror is so easy to install. Just put the batteries into the mirror (under normal use the batteries will last approximately 3 years).Fit over the existing mirror, fasten the clips and go!

Martyn Lawrie on the inspiration behind the AlphaMirror:

“The high intensity lights behind me blinded me for a second." - It was my Eureka moment!

I required an auto-dimming clip-on mirror. Sure, I could just click the button on the bottom of the mirror but by that time the damage was done. My eyes were still dazed from the bright lights and I had to take my hand off the wheel to flick the switch. It works to a degree but in reality it really only dulls your overall vision. Why should all the high-end models have an auto-dimming facility when the majority of drivers don’t have this safety option?

I searched for a product but with no luck! Eventually, I found a product that had been developed and launched in the USA 9 months earlier. After discussions we now have the exclusive rights to sell and market the product in the UK & Ireland.

The product range is available now from

For further information please contact Martyn Lawrie on 07841 825140 or Please visit for more information

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