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05/02-09   -   Press releases

Blood and money at stake as poker star Gus Hansen goes all in – into the boxing ring! - to launch online poker TV channel

Gus Hansen risks more than money when he steps into the boxing ring to face off against fellow poker champ Theo Jorgensen in a full-fledged boxing match aimed at settling old scores.

Heavyweight champion of poker Gus Hansen will fight rival Theo Jorgensen in Copenhagen, with 200,000 DKK at stake in a boxing match airing live free of charge on the evening of February 21, 2009 on Gus TV ( ).

“Beating up Theo in boxing will be much more enjoyable than winning over him in poker. The sweet taste of victory cannot even be made up in terms of money", says Hansen. The World Poker Tour walk of fame inductee has been preparing for the event by training with professional trainer and Olympic boxing medalist Johnny De Lima.

The fight cropped up in 2008, as a way for Jorgensen to even the score with Hansen, a rival not only at the poker table but also on the squash court. When Jorgensen could no longer beat Hansen at squash, and was tired of seeing Hansen claim victory by shadow-boxing, Jorgensen proposed moving on to more physical combat as a way to defend his honor. “Gus was such a pathetic boxer," says Jorgensen, “that I was pretty sure I could beat him."

For poker players, every game has its odds: this match has 200,000 DKK (approx. $35,000 USD) at stake, and a handicap, as Hansen is convinced of his superior physical abilities and will only take $25,000 off of Jorgensen in case of victory.

Win or lose, both players are in to win. “Forget about the money, this is all about the glory. The loser of this fight will definitely hear about it for many years to come." says Jorgensen.

This one-of-a-kind boxing event will be held in one of Denmark’s largest indoor arenas and be attended by poker fans and pros, and boxing stars. Match commentator and super middleweight world champion Mikkel Kessler
comments, “This fight is going to be incredible! These guys are crazy. It is going to be a fight to the death. Neither one is going to surrender, but only one of them will survive".

The fight signals the launch of Gus TV, the online TV channel of the Danish poker star. Starting on February 21, 2009, Gus TV will allow poker fans to see Hansen in action as he plays live around the world, to receive helpful tips on successful poker strategies as he provides hand-by-hand analysis, and to join Hansen and his friends from the poker world, playing in his hotel suites and beyond.

Hansen has set up production studios in Denmark and Las Vegas and will travel with a production team around the globe in order to provide fans and poker aficionados with hours of fresh TV content every day.

“Having my own free TV channel is a fantastic opportunity for me to connect with my fans and supporters," says Hansen. “Today’s technology means everyone can sit down with me and watch as I play live at tournaments or even just in my hotel room with friends. And because it is online, Gus TV can reach the whole world, for fans as far away as Osaka and Oklahoma." The cornerstone of Gus TV is the ability to bring poker enthusiasts closer to their passion by delivering TV content for poker players, by poker players. Fans will be able to sign-up to Gus TV prior to the match on February 21 at ( ). Watch the official Gus TV teaser live on ( ). Tickets for the live show in Denmark can be bought through ( ).

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