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02/06-09   -   Press releases

Dating portal helps hard-pressed transport sector

A new transport-portal makes it easier to receive returned freight, reduce the number of empty trucks and offer lower transport prices.
The dating concept has now come to the transport sector. is the nearest one gets to a dating site where senders of freight can get into contact with hauliers. If YOU have a transportation job, you can enter it on the site and hauliers can then bid for it.

Goods2Go offers companies in the whole of Europe help in:

- finding goods for available transport capacity in order to reduce the number of empty trucks

- providing the opportunity to reduce the transport costs for export companies.

The portal is free to use and is aimed at companies throughout Europe.


Companies can enter their transportation jobs anonymously onto the transport-portal and receive offers for their freight. The companies can save lots of time and money in time consuming meetings with shipping agents. Now they can receive transportation offers from shipping agents in 54 countries around Europe that have available capacity.

It is very likely that it could be competitive hauliers in other parts of Europe that are not yet in your local telephone book. Goods2Go helps you to contact them.

The haulier a company seeks for its goods is quite possibly right around the corner; and is perhaps going past your customer in Naples on the way home – or a Swedish haulier perhaps has an empty truck that you need in Bucharest to transport your goods to Amsterdam.

400 companies have already signed up to the transport-portal. The 400 companies that have already used the transport-portal are saving large amounts of money on their transport budget; which is an extra bonus in these times of economic crisis.

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