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11/06-09   -   Press releases

19th International piano competition “ROME 2009"

From 14th to 28th October 2009 will take place at the Chiostro di S. Giovanni Battista de’ Genovesi in Rome, Via Anicia 12, the 19th International Piano Competition “Rome 2009".
The Competition can be participated every nationality pianists, either as soloists or as duo, on one piano or on two pianos. The manifestation maintains the same successful form of previous editions. This competition have really a different (but complementary) laying: the part in one round, articulated in sections for young soloists (until 25 years) and for duo, four hands and on two pianos (until 36 years); the Prize “Chopin" foresees three examinations: eliminating, semi‐final and the final both as soloist and with the Nova Amadeus Chamber Orchestra, conducted by M° Nicola Samale.
The manifestation is organized by the Associazione Culturale “F. Chopin" of Rome, under the patronage and with the contribution of the Provincia di Roma, the contribution of Comune di Roma – Assessorato alle Politiche Culturali e della Comunicazione and of Fondazione “Pro Musica e Arte Sacra", Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris “A. Cortot" ‐ Comité “A. Roussel", Medusa Film S.p.A., Fondazione “Roma Terzo Settore", Poste Vita S.p.A., Associazione di Volontariato del Gruppo Seniores of the ExxonMobil in Italy, Faruk Alatan and Fondation Cuomo; with the contribution of hospitality of the Confraternita di S. Giovanni Battista de’ Genovesi and with the patronage of the Senate, Chamber of Deputies, Prime Minister, Foreign Office, Ministry of Culture, of Public Education and of University and Research and of Consiglio Regionale del Lazio, President of Giunta Regionale del Lazio, President of Provincia di Roma, Mayor of Rome, State University “La Sapienza" of Rome, Vatican Radio and EPTA‐Italy, under the artistic direction of Marcella Crudeli, founder of the Competition and President of the Associazione “Chopin".

The latest date for applications is on 21st September 2009. The prize winners’ concert will take place at the Main Hall of the State University of Rome “La Sapienza" on 28th October 2009 at 8,00 p.m.

For further information
Secretariat of the Competition “Rome 2009"
Via P. Bonetti, 88/90 – I‐00128 Rome (Italy) ‐ Phone – Fax: +39 06 5073889

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