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24/06-09   -   Press releases

Introducing NEW NUBNAB® BibClips®

Let us introduce a new and easier bib-solution. NUBNAB BibClips is a new and stylish solution to all parents on the run. NUBNAB BibClip is a unique and easy way always to have a bib at hand. Simultaneously the NUBNAB puts an ends to the mess and the germs tied to old fashioned bibs.

NUBNAB® BibClips are extremely practical in all situations where a bib is needed – when you are at home as well as when you are out on the run. All you need for this Bib solution is a napkin or a piece of kitchen roll, just fasten the clips and then you are all set with a practical disposable bib for your child.

NUBNAB® BibClips are a necessity when travelling; it does not take up much space and is easy to carry in your hand bag. Always right at hand when you need a quick bib solution: when your baby needs a snack in the car, in its push chair or on the plane travelling overseas. Remember, all you need is a napkin and they come at hand in most places where food is available – free of charge.

NUBNAB® BibClip consist of 2 cute colorful NUBBIES (Danish patent design) which are fastened to a strap. These Clips are so cool that even older children find them great to wear. NUBNAB can be used from age 6 months – 4 years. You may also consider using NUBNAB when painting or cooking.

How to use your NUBNAB
One clip is fastened in one side of the napkin while the other is carried behind the Childs neck to be fastened on the other side of the napkin. The bib is now adjusted simply by pulling the ends on the napkin.

NUBNAB® BibClips have ventilation holes and the strap has a safety lock. All safety procedures according to European standards are followed and the product is free of PVC, nickel or phthalate.

Look out for the NUBNAB bibClip. We are sure you will find it a necessity you can simply not be without - as much as dummies and dummychains. NUBNAB® simply leaves parents with one less thing to worry about!

NUBNAB BibClips can be purchased
Price: EUROS 9,-
This first NUBNAB® collection consist of 4 NUBBIES for Boys and 4 NUBBIES for girls.

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