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24/06-09   -   Press releases

Organise Music With MAGIX: Take Control Of Your MP3 Collection

Since the way to organize music has changed massively over the past few years, it has become more and more difficult to maintain an overview of an MP3 collection without intelligent systems. Many users digitize their complete record collection and add downloads and other digital audio content to their music library. But recordings from different musical sources often leads to chaotic naming schemes and incomplete meta-information. A long search for a certain title, which was either incorrectly titled or not indicated at all (e.g. "track01.mp3") diminishes the enjoyment of the music. "Even databases that consist of tens of thousands of songs or more may be conveniently organized with MAGIX MP3 Maker. All music management applications are covered by the software. The user receives every function needed for playing back and managing music," highlights MAGIX Senior PR Manager Dr. Ulrich Hepp.

Organise music and enjoy MP3 better

MAGIX MP3 Maker´s quick search offers the first option for recovering lost audio treasures that have sunken to the depths of your PC´s hard drive. Thanks to functions for editing ID3 tags (for editing meta-information), your music collection finally gets the organization it needs: Whole folders or MP3 archives may be renamed or ID3 tags may be generated from file names. The integrated tools AudioID and freeDB help to create or complete metadata in ID3 tags. AudioID utilizes sound analysis technology to locate information about individual tracks, even if this info doesn´t refer to file names or mention a potential track name in the metadata provided. The sorting function provides a display of your music collection ordered according to different parameters like genre, name, track length, album, release year, etc. Tracks may be renamed individually or en masse, and additional info may be inserted into ID3 tags for an even clearer description. Duplicate tracks may also be located. The PC is today´s most important musical interface, which means that it needs software that is able to cover all of the different applications involved like importing, converting, recording, managing, editing, listening, and burning. For each of these needs, MAGIX MP3 Maker provides a convenient and effective solution. To organise music is only one of the program´s strengths, since it also offers everything else needed to really enjoy your MP3 collection!

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