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24/08-09   -   Press releases

Infantellina Contemporary Berlin presents

Beginning on 11th September 2009 to 23th October 2009, Infantellina Contemporary, the first and only Berlin gallery featuring 100% Italian art, will present the exhibition "Stairway to heaven" by 12 emerging Italian talents: Antonella Boscarini, Marco Castagnetto, Francesco Dea, Andrea Giorgi, Giampaolo Cono, Mauro Maffina, Mauro Martin, Mattia Moro, Riccardo Prosperi, Martino Sella, Fabrizia Zammatteo, Franco Zulian. Special Guest: Paul Kostabi, Willi Bambach.
Vernissage starts at 6 p.m.

In few decades mankind has made exponential progress regarding acquaintances and physical, technological, medical apparatuses. In the last 4000 years there have been many moments of enlightenment in the philosophical thinking and, if we want to say, moral too. Twenty years after the fall of the wall in Berlin all, artists comprised, once again realize how barbarism still is part of the life of the most: how many divisions, how many injustices, how many wars, how many dead people. All this has a sense? And does it represent the wish of the habitants of the earth that need to touch a presumed paradise with their fingers? The artists have the talent to pick and represent what is hidden or what seems to be gathered in light and dark parts of the world.
A world where thousands of innocent men were killed for religious reasons. A world where ferocity is justified with the name of civilization or the preservation of certain equilibriums. One and the other sacrifices strangers or even own members, but as Brecht said: “Under the defeated the poor are starving from hunger and under the victors the poor are starving too" (Free translation of: Bertold Brecht: “Auf der Mauer").
The artists through their own works ask the question: “Will we never succeed attempting to respect others and therefore receiving respect again"? Does a formula exist that can free us all from the slavery of the syndrome of Cain (from which we all are more or less affected) and that allows us to reach a strongly yearned paradise, nirvana or… ? The artists and Art itself have the great responsibility to open the minds and thus changing the world without violence.

P.S.: We don’t promote any specific political opinion and are open to people that like to represent a certain item.

Taubenstraße 20 – 22 (am Gendarmenmarkt)
10117 Berlin
T: 0049(0)30-92210407
Tu-Sa 2-8 p.m. and by Appointment

Infantellina Contemporary [I-C] is the first address, in Berlin, for all collectors loving italian contemporary and emerging art.

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Taubenstraße 20 – 22
10117 Berlin, England


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