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18/09-09   -   Press releases

Trafilog now in Vietnam

MẮT RỒNG VÀNG has started the process of certifying the RCD from Traffilog, what most will call 3rd generation GPS and management system, ability to monitor fuel and number of other information real time, like what gear a truck is using right now the current speed from the VSS engine temperature.

Some newer trucks also allow for weight information to be send back and use of RFID tags to follow drivers, and help them learn to drive in a better way.

"The system will report on the driver´s style and habits," he says, "and if he or she overshoots a threshold for speed or safety - like turning corners too quickly - the driver´s manager gets alerted, giving him or her the opportunity to take the necessary corrective action."

is the leader in real time Monitoring systems.
MRV provides the technology and tools that enables Clients to put numbers and real information on Key Points of Measurement (KPM’s) related to transportation and motoring of food and other similar items.

MRV has with its selected partners been able to give a number of international companies in SE Asia the ability to optimize and manage production and deliveries.

These tools include driver behavior and real-time temperature reading for trucks and warehouses, realtime diagnostics of engines as well as general GPS location and tracking.

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