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04/11-13   -   Press releases

Azienda Agricola Matteoli presented its new web site

Since a few days is online the new site of Azienda Agricola Matteoli. The company, based in Gaiole in Chianti, Tuscany, produces only tuscan traditional red wine, also known as Chianti wine of Tuscany. Its great experience make it a leader one in the field. The company uses a hand-craft process to produce a limited quantity of bottles of Chianti Classico wine each year. That makes this Gaiole in Chianti winery an unique producer of an amazing red wine. This company is in the forefront in the sector of the wine production, thanks to the extraordinary co-workers that it uses. Its wine-experts are top level ones, that allow the company to excel in a not easy production, i.m. in a production of a fine wine having great value: this classic Chianti italian winery is placed in the heart of Tuscany, in a land seeming to exist only to give joy to the human being, i.m. to give them the good wine.

The site was created to show to the customers the prestigious company´s history, and all the services that the winery can offer to those who rely on it: online then you can find all kinds of wine products, with their prices and specifications and then you have the possibility to order them by one click. The site is very well built and easy to read, and it allow anyone to understand at best all the given informations. This is a site, which is available both in Italian and in English, divided into many sections: in the first one we talk about the company´s goal, i.m. to produce very high-quality wine with love and passion.

The second section tells the winery´s history, very interesting, which testifies to the ancient tradition characterizing this winery; in the third one are shown all the produced wines, the fourth section offer many precious gift ideas. The fifth one speaks about the custom labels, the last is dedicated to the possibility to contact someone in the company. Anyone who is looking for an amazing, limited Chianti wine production, i.e. a very high quality one, can only look at In this site you´ll find all the possible information about the firm, using a hand-craft process to produce a limited quantity of bottles of Chianti Classico wine each year. Agricola Matteoli offers furthermore an outstanding service: it provides the opportunity for the customer to get Chianti wine with personalized label, meeting therefore to all types of requirements in this sector.

A customized wine bottle is not only a precious, unique, incomparable thing: a bottle of this kind is, for example, an original Christmas gift, something unexpected beeing a surprise that you will not forget for the whole life. That´s a kind of gift that won’t go unnoticed, useful and adaptable to many occasions: birthdays, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, wedding anniversaries, business meetings and events, graduations and many more. Donating a gift package of wine with personalized labels and packaging is an elegant and original way to honour your friends and relatives: the company produces a limited number of bottles of Chianti Classico using a hand-craft process strictly controlled by the Chianti Classico Consortium. Agricola Matteoli so guarantee a prestigious product for your wine-gift packaging, really a kind of gift appreciated by anyone.

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