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22/09-09   -   Press releases

MyVocal and NewFiction Bring Free Audio Books to Mobile

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September 22, 2009 -- San Diego, California US. -- MyVocal, a developer of innovative mobile services and applications, and NewFiction, a publisher of free audio books, announced their partnership that is focused on the mobile delivery of NewFiction’s audio books. Now listeners worldwide can get free and entertaining audio books on a variety of mobile devices including cell phones, iPods, and any other web-enabled mobile device.

MyVocal delivers various spoken audio content to millions of mobile users worldwide, as well as provides a complete white-label solution for content publishers. NewFiction produces audio books that are best described as a modern version of the old-time radio shows. The format combines the latest fiction with a full cast of talented voices and sound effects rather than a single narrator.

This new partnership has made mobile entertainment a snap. To begin a story, the user selects from a wide variety of titles on the NewFiction web site. Immediately, the listener receives an SMS message that links him/her to the first chapter. After that, the MyVocal platform will keep the user updated with daily links to the latest episode. Each story is free and has about 30 to 40 episodes that last about eight minutes. If a listener wants to unlock the entire story, he/she can always purchase the whole story for immediate access. During the listening experience, a user can put his account on vacation hold, review previous chapters, switch to another story, or unsubscribe – all from a cell phone.

“MyVocal provided us with a complete outsourced solution that complements our online service", said Tom Lopilato, CEO of NewFiction. “Our partnership with MyVocal allows us to deliver our stories to any mobile phone, iPod or any other web-enabled device. I do feel that we discovered something big here without having to develop a costly new mobile platform."

“Every morning when I listen to a new chapter of the NewFiction story, these 5 minutes really make my day!" said Alex Patsko, CEO and Founder of MyVocal. “NewFiction stories are hilarious, we love them and happy to work together on bringing their audio books to mobile audience"

About MyVocal

MyVocal is a developer of an innovative mobile content service which enables listening to any spoken audio content using any mobile phone. Users of MyVocal can control their personalized service with simple voice commands, customize their content on the mobile phone or over the web, share their content on Twitter and Facebook. MyVocal also helps publishers to address their commuting audience by providing a comprehensive set of tools and API for mobile distribution and monetization. For more information, visit

About NewFiction offers modern audio stories for Free. This digital content, called iSoaps, are a kin to the old-style radio dramas. Subscribers can access the material via any browser, web enabled phone, or iPod player. This digital content not only provides an escape to English speaking people from Australia to the U.S., but those who practice English as their second language. NewFiction, based out of Los Angeles, puts forward audio stories in a digital iSoap format—an update to the traditional audio play with a cast full of characters instead of narration—to provide visitors a free escape from today’s realities. Their focus is to accelerate the electronic delivery of books in a world converting to digital media at a rapid pace. For more information, visit

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