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15/10-09   -   Press releases

Greentech info – expertise in EU environment compliance

EU environment legislation like REACH, RoHS, WEEE, EuP and the Battery directive down increasingly tough demands on manufacturers, importers and sellers of electronic products. Greentech info aims at making the electronics industry environmental experts by providing a tool to answer questions about compliance with these laws.

Intertek Semko AB has launched the web portal Greentech info for those who manufacture or sell electronic products. Customers who subscribe to Greentech info will get access to the most important environmental legislation related to electrical and electronic equipment adapted to their different levels of knowledge about the legislation.

The portal provides legislative documents, official guidelines about EU legislation as well as FAQs and a range of other services adapted to different levels of familiarity with EU law like REACH, RoHS, EuP, WEEE and the Battery directive.

Greentech info/Intertek Semko AB’s expert team comments on changes to the legislation and key elements of the laws. The experts will announce changes in legislation long before they take effect, allowing customers the time to ensure that their products can be sold on the EU market.

Also, the most essential parts of environmental law are linked to the daily media flow by topic-oriented media surveillance.

Greentech info covers international environmental legislation like REACH, RoHS, EuP, WEEE and the Battery directive.

Manufacturers, importers and retailers of electrical and electronic products can now get expert advice within 48 hours, be guided through international environment legislation, check what the media writes about environmental law and read Greentech info’s news on environmental compliance.

Greentech info is subscription-based and is available on

This is what you get:

- Experts’ comments on new legislation, warnings about deadlines.

- Searchable database – you only need to know your product name to find the applicable laws!

- Choose between full text legislation documents or easy-to-read guidance documents.

- In-depth articles about environmental legislation, compliance and what you need to do in order to comply.

- A calendar keeping track of which legislative deadlines are coming up next.

- Media surveillance (keeps track of what the media write about environmental legislation globally, links to online full-text sources).

- Ask the expert – e-mail your questions about European environment legislation and get an expert’s answer within 48 hours.


Torben Nörlem, legal advisor and head of Intertek Health and Environment,
Intertek Semko AB.
Phone: +46 8 750 02 19
Mobile: + 45 20 57 79 75

Anders Kjellvard Mattsson, Intertek Semko AB.
Phone: +46 8 750 03 52
Mobile: +46 708-75 00 52

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