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27/10-09   -   Press releases

Cocktail bar accessories and equipment: Icebag by italesse

Italesse is one of the most important italian producer of cocktail bar and restaurant accessories and equipment.

It´s production of bar accessories is destined to tasting, serving and merchandising all kind of beverages. Thanks to a twenty-years background of close contact with the restaurant and bar world, Italesse´s bar accessories and professional equipment are not only perfectly functional but also enriched by a modern and distinctive image. Italesse´s extensive experience in the field of bar accessories, successfully combined with the creativity of young designers, results in a collection of great importance and signals a decisive step forward, both formally and technically, in the research for bar accessories dedicated to the tasting and serving of all kind of beverages.

The production of bar accessories include a vaste range of accessories: ice-breaker bag with a strong personality!

Made in silicone – innovative, unbreakable and soft-touch material – useful when breaking ice manually, for crushed cocktails and long drink preparation. Fill the Icebag with ice cubes, pull the string until the bag is completely closed and break the ice with a pestle or slam the bag over a table or counter. Endowed with a stylish - almost humoristic - design, the Icebag can also be used as a fanciful flower vase.

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