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20/01-10   -   Press releases

Jobs4Medical moves into Irish recruitment market

* Recruitment in Ireland is a growth area: supporting claims that the country is emerging from recession
* 400 medical positions already live on recruitment site
* Follows new affiliations with Irish recruitment agencies, a leading specialist online recruitment service for the medical profession, has moved into the Irish recruitment market, which it identifies as a significant growth area. The niche medical website has secured affiliations with a number of top Irish recruitment agencies and already has 400 live jobs posted for positions in Ireland – of which Doctors and Nurses have become the most sought after positions.

The Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) recently proposed that Ireland could achieve much needed budget cutbacks by reducing spending on healthcare. However, the high number of job postings on Jobs4Medical’s recruitment website suggests that healthcare recruitment is still a high priority – with organisations looking to find the most cost-effective methods. The majority of its new Irish positions are looking to provide private and public sector health organisations with highly professional doctors, nurses, social workers and psychologists.

"The Irish recruitment market ended on a strong note last year and it is really encouraging to see a large number of Doctor and Nurse vacancies across Ireland being posted on Jobs4Medical," commented Vicky Scott, Operations Manager at Jobs4Medical. "Budgets are continuing to be squeezed in the medical sector but health organisations have a duty to provide their patients with highly-qualified professionals, and this is where Jobs4Medical can offer one of the most cost-effective recruitment services that target the exact candidates they require."

About Jobs4Medical:
Founded and developed under the Jobs4 Group – Jobs4Medical is a leading online recruitment service specialising in finding jobs for health care professionals. Jobs4Medical is the first dedicated global jobs board and contains over 18,000 different positions across 9 medical sectors including Doctors, Carers and Nurses.

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