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26/03-10   -   Press releases

Green becomes the new pink in fight to beat breast cancer

Spring has finally sprung and if you need a little inspiration to get into the cleaning spirit this year then why not chuck out your chintz for a good cause instead.

Breast Cancer Campaign is encouraging everyone in the UK to recycle their unwanted mobile phones, used ink cartridges or old bras and textiles to help fund vital breast cancer research. The charity has raised over £100,000 through its recycling program since 2005, but now we need your help to raise even more money to help make a difference to the 46,000 people that are diagnosed with breast cancer every year in the UK.

Breast Cancer Campaign receives £1 for every used inkjet cartridge and £3 for every mobile phone successfully recycled. The charity will also receive £1 from every kilo of used bras and £200 from every ton of textiles collected in specific recycling banks.

Franklin Jacoyange, Breast Cancer Campaign’s Corporate Partnerships’ Executive, said “It is estimated that there are 15 million mobile phone handsets and over 30 million printer cartridges discarded in the UK every year, the majority of which could be recycled. Our recycling programmes offer people with a quick and easy way to support the charity and not only will you be helping us to continue funding breast cancer research, you’ll also be helping the environment."

Call 020 7749 3735 or email recycling @ for your freepost mobile and inkjet cartridge bags or to find out where your nearest bra and textile recycling bank is.

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