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26/04-10   -   Press releases

Breast cancer research funding for Leeds

Press release 26 April 2010
Media Contact: Claire Learner, Media Relations Officer, Breast Cancer Campaign, 020 7749 3705 email:

Breast cancer research funding for Leeds

Breast Cancer Campaign has awarded a pilot grant worth £20,000 to Dr Martin Stacey at the University of Leeds to study a molecule thought to be involved in breast cancer growth and spread.

The grant, which forms part of £5 million awarded by Breast Cancer Campaign in 2009, will allow Dr Stacey to study EMR2, a molecule usually found on white blood cells. A recent discovery showed that EMR2 is also present on cancer cells but not normal healthy breast cells, and could be involved in making them move to other parts of the body.

Dr Stacey said, “I am very grateful for this funding from Breast Cancer Campaign which will help me uncover the exact role EMR2 plays in breast cancer spread and its importance in disease progression."

Arlene Wilkie, Director of Research and Policy, Breast Cancer Campaign said, “This groundbreaking project will increase the understanding of what influences breast cancer cells ability to spread and could one day form the basis for laboratory tests to predict how a person’s cancer will develop. This will ensure each patient receives treatment that is most appropriate to them."


Notes to editors

- Breast Cancer Campaign aims to beat breast cancer by funding innovative world-class research to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, treatment, prevention and cure

- Currently it supports 114 research projects, worth over £17.1 million, in 40 centres of excellence across the UK and Ireland

- Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK and accounts for nearly one in three of all cancers in women

- In the UK, nearly 46,000 new cases of breast cancer are diagnosed each year - that’s 125 a day

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- Read Chief Executive Pamela Goldberg’s blog

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