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06/05-10   -   Press releases

Fodboldselskabet not granted license for Deva Stadium

Yesterday, Fodboldselskabet A/S was informed by Cheshire West and Chester Council that it was decided to grant the CFU the license for Deva Stadium, and by that also effectively the right to continue the future running of a football club in Chester. This also means that Fodboldselskabet will withdraw its application to the FA. A decision which was regretted by Managing Director Henning Bickham of Fodboldselskabet A/S:

»We of course regret this decision, as we continue to feel that we had the better project with the most
positive outlook in terms of the football club, the economy and the local community.«

However, Henning Bickham is satisfied with the commitment shown by Fodboldselskabet A/S regarding this affair:

»We knew from the beginning that we were facing a difficult task and that it at no point would be easy. We acknowledge that this is an issue which means a lot to many people, and that the political aspects of the agreement in the face of the upcoming election would perhaps not fall out in our favour.«

As a final remark regarding Fodboldselskabet’s attempt to establish a football club in Chester, Henning Bickham congratulated the CFU:

»I do however wish to congratulate the CFU on achieving its goal, and I hope that CFU and Chester Football Club will be most successful in the future.«

Fodboldselskabet continues its search

»Fodboldselskabet will now focus its activities on other challenges. It is still the aim of the company to get involved with English football at the club level and we remain confident that we will succeed in doing so before the end of the year,« Henning Bickham ends.

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