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01/07-10   -   Press releases

Made for iPhone - Sennheiser presents eight portable headphones as headset versions

Listen to music, telephone, carry on enjoying: Sennheiser is launching eight new headsets for the iPhone* and other Apple products. The headset versions of successful headphone models from the ‘Portable Entertainment’ series combine top-quality sound with a convenient hands-free system. The microphone and control unit are integrated into the cable and allow the Apple product to be controlled at the push of a button or by voice commands.

Anyone who has an iPhone or iPod loves modern communication and music. Sennheiser is now presenting a range of headsets that are a perfect match for these fashionable devices. “The new headsets complement the design and user-friendliness of the iPhone and other supported Apple products with top-quality sound from Sennheiser and intuitive useful communication functions," explained Ivan Kuan, Product Manager Consumer Electronics at Sennheiser. The eight new versions for the iPhone & Co can be recognised by the additional ‘i’ in the audio specialist’s product name: the models IE 8i, MM 80i TRAVEL, MM 70i, CX 880i, PX 100-IIi, PX 200-IIi, HD 218i and HD 238i are the ideal choice for all those who want to enjoy music in the best quality on their iPhone or iPod. A particularly useful apple feature being supported by the Sennheiser headsets: the music is paused when a phone call is taken. This allows the iPhone user to switch easily and quickly between listening to music and telephoning, without the risk of missing any incoming calls or favourite tracks.

Compact control unit, high functionality
A wide range of functions can be controlled with a single button. Depending on how often and how long the button is pressed, music tracks and videos can be played, paused or skipped to the next/previous song. The same button can also be used to receive and end phone calls and to activate the voice control function. This apple function makes it possible to use voice commands to retrieve a song and respectively a telephone number on the latest iPod touch version and the iPhone 3GS. The volume is conveniently controlled by a plus and minus button.

Sound precision for professionals: the IE 8i and MM 80i TRAVEL
The precision and clarity of the sound will delight even the most demanding music lovers. The IE 8i headset features extremely lifelike sound reproduction and also allows individual fine adjustment of the bass to suit different listening needs. Various adapters are included to ensure that the ear canal earphones fit perfectly into the ear, thereby providing maximum comfort for long hours of use.

For frequent flyers and globetrotters, the MM 80i TRAVEL is the ideal choice. The ear canal phones in an elegant black and silver design are a perfect match for the iPhone and also offer a natural, detailed sound. The high-performance microphone is integrated into the cable and picks up speech even in noisy surroundings such as at the station or the airport without interference.

Sound with style: MM 70i and CX 880i
The MM 70i and CX 880i ear canal earphones are real eye-catchers and are perfectly designed for mobile use. The MM 70i combines clear stereo sound and rich bass, while the CX 880i features a more balanced sound and an elegant, understated design. The headsets come with six ear adapters made of silicone to guarantee an ideal fit for every wearer and also to offer a high level of passive attenuation of surrounding noise.

Pocket size: PX 100-IIi and PX 200-IIi
The PX 100-IIi and PX 200-IIi models show that great sound doesn´t need much space. After use, the two particularly lightweight supra aural headsets can simply be folded up into a pocket-sized package. The PX 100-IIi with its open-back design offers lifelike sound reproduction and powerful bass. The PX 200-IIi is particularly well suited for use in somewhat noisier environments. Its closed design effectively shields against external noise, allowing you to listen to music in peace – without being disturbed and without disturbing others.

Puristic design, rich sound: HD 218i and HD 238i
The two supra aural headsets HD 238i and HD 218i feature an attractively puristic design in black and anthracite. Sennheiser´s proven acoustic systems ensure that both models offer a powerful sound – the HD238i is more balanced while the HD 218i features stronger bass – and guarantee a perfect sound experience for those on the move.

The new Sennheiser models with a remote control function are compatible with iPhone 3GS, iPod nano (4th and 5th generation), iPod touch (2nd generation), iPod classic (120GB/160GB), and 2009 models of Macbook, Macbook Pro and Mac Pro. Voice Control is supported by iPhone 3GS and latest iPod touch. The new product range is available worldwide from July through Sennheiser´s distribution network and at Apple Online and in Apple Stores.

Product overview:

IE 8i High-end ear canal earphones with in-line microphone
MM 80i TRAVEL Travel ear canal earphones with in-line microphone
CX 880i Balanced ear canal earphones with in-line microphone
MM 70i Dynamic bass-focused ear canal earphones with in-line microphone
PX 100-IIi Open, foldable mini headphones with in-line microphone
PX 200-IIi Closed, foldable mini headphones with in-line microphone
HD 218i Closed mini headphones with in-line microphone
HD 238i Open mini headphones with in-line microphone

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