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19/08-10   -   Press releases

Spain Corporate Incentive Planner, Top Congress, is at Facebook

The Professional Organizer of Congresses, Top Congress, with offices in Barcelona and in the island of Majorca, already is present with his profile in the social network Facebook, undoubtedly, one of the main communication systems between groups of users more extended in the world. Top Congress makes use of this way due to the positive managerial impact that supposes that a social network as Facebook, has entered directly the world of business, with all the advantages at level of communication that they derive from the interconnection of this wide network. Top Congress, in his quality of Professional Organizer of Congresses, already benefits from the whole potential of Facebook, an instrument of communication that allows to reinforce relations with clients and providers, to increase the presence and visibility in the Internet environment, as well as to be able to go to new niches of market.

Thanks to Facebook, Top Congress can increase the communication with his clients, new and current, thank you so much to the rapidity in the flow of the information that Top Congress publishes, as for the feedback and interactive reactions that Facebook allows to recover as a postivve reward. Another bundle of motivations that pushes Top Congress to be present in Facebook is, apart from the mentioned interactivity with his clients, the low cost that supposes having a profile opened in Facebook, an action that also allows Top Congress to improve his position in different searchers -this way at some of them obtaining better ratios of conversion and ranking, either at Google,Yahoo or in Bing-.

Top Congress is a Professional Organizer of Congresses specializing in the management of Congresses, Trips of Incentive, Conventions, Meetings, Events, Conferences and Special Groups, whose profile in Facebook can be visited in

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