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23/08-10   -   Press releases

Internet services protecting holiday photos since the 1960s

Holiday photos represent so much more than the motif itself. They are the link to earlier holidays spent with family and friends. The online photo services and collaborate to provide a simple and secure protection against loss of images from digital, paper and slide originals.

"Old vacation photos need to be scanned before they are destroyed by age. We offer a convenient and quality assured service to scan and transfer old paper photos, negatives and slides to high resolution digital images." says Malin Abrahamsson, managing director of DiaDirekt.

Peter Björkbom, CEO and founder of StrongPix explains the collaboration: "European holiday makers lack a simple and secure solution to protect them from losing their images. This is regardless if the pictures were taken in the 1960s or today. We make it possible by providing free, unlimited and privacy protected storage of digital images."

Together the companies offer customers a convenient scanning of their old images by DiaDirekt and to store these and new digital photos with the help of StrongPix.

Malin Abrahamsson and Peter Björkbom, executives at the companies, conclude: "When you want to bring your old images back to life, trust is important. That is why DiaDirekt and StrongPix respect your privacy."

ABOUT STRONGPIX is the first free Digital Photo Secure Storage service based on social network collaboration that enables you to store encrypted copies of your digital photos among friends, protecting your privacy and eliminating the risk of losing your photos due to computer failures, theft or fire.

ABOUT DIADIREKT is the largest internet photo laboratory in Sweden dedicated to quality assured professional scanning of paper photos, negatives and slides for consumers.

DiaDirekt is the first photo laboratory to have the privacy management of images and customer data certified according to the European standard EuroPriSe.

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