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07/09-10   -   Press releases

PinoPinguino and MinaPinguina: the new creamy specialties from PreGel

They are the only penguins you can find in gelato parlours. With the taste of yummy chocolate and hazelnut or velvety almond, these tasty specialities maintain a soft texture at the showcase temperature.

There´s Tux, the hi-tech penguin that represents Linux OS; there are Skipper, Kowalski and Private, the funny ones from the animated movie Madagascar. The sweetest one is definitely PinoPinguino: the delicious spreadable cream created by PreGel, which is one of the most important companies operating in gelato, pastry and coffee-shops products business.

This sweet and rich in flavour chocolate and hazelnut specialty has a very peculiar texture: it´s soft even at cold temperature.
Alternating layers of gelato to layers of PinoPinguino, the gelato maker can obtain delightful and original creations, suitable both for gelato and confectionery products. PinoPinguino perfectly matches with white chocolate or a delicate fiordilatte flavour.

PinoPinguino, so creamy and reach in flavour, is one of the protagonists of 2010, along with MinaPinguina, its inseparable "friend" that combines the mellow taste of almonds with the smoothness of gelato.
These peculiar gelato flavours have a special smooth texture that keeps them surprisingly creamy and perfect either for summer times or for colder times.

PinoPinguino and MinaPinguina are both very easy for gelato makers to prepare and serve: they just need to create various layers of this special cream and classic gelato, starting with a smooth gelato layer, proceeding with a PinoPinguino or MinaPinguina layer, and so on. The obtained result is a pure delicacy.

Gelato makers have other options to serve these two specialties. Several layers of PinoPinguino can be prepared to be successively laid down in the gelato tubs. Another choice is pouring the product direclty in the tub, to obtain a delightful cold cream that customers can combine with their favourite gelato flavours.

To know more about PinoPinguino, MinaPinguina and the other PreGel products, like gelato bases, toppings, slushes and confectionery products, you can visit

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