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17/11-10   -   Press releases

Professionals and gelato lovers can now discuss about this italian specialty on PreGel Facebook Page

The most important and famous social network can count on a brand new Page about gelato and pastry. PreGel has just created its own Page, full of news and interesting content, which wants to be a point of connection among the company, the professionals and all the gelato fans.
Through Facebook, PreGel wants to keep deeply in contact with fans, share and comment events, initiatives, images and news about these sweet Italian specialties.

PreGel enters Facebook world, just like many other companies and brands are doing these days.
The italian company, leader in producing bases for gelato and confectionery, has just created a Page on this famous social network, in order to increase the brand awareness and to create a virtual community, in which professionals – like gelato makers, pastry chefs and restaurateurs – and gelato lovers can communicate and share news and information.

Along with the website, this Facebook Page represents a new and effective communication channel, quick and informal; a modern way to interact with Facebook users from all over the world.
Users just have to type or search for “Pregel spa" on Facebook search engine: everyone who clicks on “Like", will receive updates about PreGel new products, initiatives and events, like getting involved in the Frecce Tricolori 50th Anniversary Show. Indeed, PreGel has dedicated a gelato taste to Frecce Tricolori, which is the aerobatic demonstration team of the Italian Military Aeronautics.
The Page has an English version of Company information, under the tab “Extended Info": the company is ready to communicate with fans in English too.

Involvement and interaction are the main aims of PreGel Page, which tries to bring fresh content such as news, curiosities, images about PreGel and gelato world in general.
The company hopes that this operation will contribute to create a strong community about Italian gelato, where everyone can share opinions, suggestions, techniques and experiences; where people can interact with the company itself and the other users, by commenting posts, uploading pictures and video.

To get more information about the company and its products for confectionery and gelato – like bases, pastes and other products – you can visit ; to get in touch with the company and discuss about gelato and other sweet Italian specialties you can visit

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