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23/11-10   -   Press releases

Survey: Kind Brits would spend jackpot wins on family

Some of us might dream of being an X-Factor style star, or training with the Manchester United team at Old Trafford, but a new survey to find out what we would really do with a jackpot bingo win has revealed that even in credit crunch times, we would put our family before our own dreams.

If you were given £500 to spend on whatever you wanted, what would you do? The UK was recently asked the same question, and unsurprisingly many said they would spend a jackpot bingo win on something for their family.

Over one thousand people were asked for their top indulgences with £500 during the ‘Mecca Moments’ campaign from, to find out what the UK really would do with the cash. The results showed how even in these tough financial times, people would rather spend their cash on their families than save it or pay off debts.

Of those quizzed, 34 percent would buy something for the whole family, with many seeing it as an opportunity to show their appreciation. One person said he would throw a party for his entire family, over 60 of them, as they have never all been together in the same room. Another said she would take her mother and daughter away for a surprise joint 60th, 40th and 16th birthday celebration and one would take his son’s football team for a training session at Old Trafford,

However, self-indulgence wasn’t that far away as 30 percent would spend it on a pampering session for themselves. One said they would fill a bath with champagne and dive straight in, while another would blow the whole lot on a winter wardrobe. One plucky person would even book a recording studio to record her own album. “Maybe I’m not X-factor material," she says, “but I’d sing my heart out".

Of the rest that were asked, 19 percent would spend the money on a holiday, while seven percent would use it to ease the cost of Christmas and two percent would clear debts. Surprisingly, only one percent of all those asked would give the money to charity, showing that especially now the family is more important than charity.

Angus Nisbet, Gaming Director for, says that results show generally how unselfish people are in the UK: “Many of the responses were about looking after their loved ones or doing something nice for someone else. Even when finances are tough, people will still spend on their families," he says. “Indulgence isn’t just about treating yourself, it’s about making other people happy."

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