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21/12-10   -   Press releases

Salone del Gusto 2010: the rich taste of Birra Dolomiti meets the smoothiness of PreGel sorbet

Birra Dolomiti sorbet is a 100% made in Italy product: the result from the collaboration between PreGel and Pedavena beer factory.
This beer flavoured sorbet was presented at Salone del Gusto 2010, one of the most important food festivals in Italy for professionals and food lovers, that took place in Turin. The original taste of this sorbet has obtained a very positive feedback from the visitors.

It is not just a drink and not just a dessert. From the collaboration between PreGel and Birra Dolomiti comes a beer sorbet that combines the quality of local raw materials - barley grown in the park of the Dolomites and water from the springs of Mount Oliveto and Porcilla - with the experience of a world leader in products for the ice cream and pastries.

The visitors of Salone del Gusto in Turin were able to try this new "version" of Birra Dolomiti, where this sorbet was premiered at. The ancient recipe for this slow fermentation beer has been declined for the first time in a sorbet that keeps a structured taste with fruity notes of apple, vanilla and almond.

This result has been possibile thanks to the attentive product research by both companies: their Research & Developement laboratories was able to obtain a sorbet creamy and delicate, without losing the typical organoleptic characteristics of the original beer.

In line with a growing food trend, which blurs the boundaries between sweet and salty, Birra Dolomiti sorbet offers itself as an innovative product that stimulates the imagination and creativity of gelato makers, chefs and all food service professionals.

During the last edition of MIG in Longarone, the italian company has presented Valdo, the Spumante flavored gelato, offering a real treat to consumers who are always looking for new tastes and gelato flavours.

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