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07/01-11   -   Press releases

Greentech Solutions participates in large Danish science project

In March primo a Danish science project called SPIR will be launched, where Vestas, Danfoss, Dong Energy and other Danish heavyweight companies will be participating.
SPIR is a large project with a 22 mil USD budget that sets off with the purpose of shaping the smart grid of tomorrow. Even though Greentech Solutions by far is the smallest company they still hold a bearing role in the project.

Greentech Solutions role in the project is to control the various electrical units in households, where they can be controlled by electricity prices, geographic specified areas, and by whether they should consume renewable energy or not. This can benefit the environment, since the overall household consumption will be deferred to larger span of hours, which thereby affectively can help preventing potential bottleneck problems. Furthermore it will be able to use renewable energy resources to a larger extent, and thereby Greentech Solutions, will on a long term basis help households to become greener.

The system will enable the electronic devices of the household to "talk" with the power grid, which means that the company will control the external communication with the grid.

Greentech Solutions is a relatively young company, however, the company has in a short time achieved to be in the finals as this year´s growth bubble of Sealand. Furthermore they became finalist in ´s tech gold, as one of the 10 most promising Danish IT startups, winning a second price. Now the company is participating in the SPIR project, where it holds a central role.

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