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12/01-11   -   Press releases

Internet News launches blog

Internet news is a portal that brings you the best web and technology information

There are currently overdose of information technology. InternetNews (aka The Internet Information) provides real-time news updated throughout the day, covering IT itopics and Internet-related technologies. The site is open to parcipation and maintains open channels in the major social media sites. The web site also includes important sections on videogames, video tutorials, gadgets, social web, marketing, seo and mobile. Education and formation videos are a main thematic area on Live Internet News blog. Also essential software is thoroughly discussed and even offer free downloads.

Internet news is an independent media about Internet, the web 2.0, online applications, free software, videogames, gadgets, web 2.0 and technology world. Please check out at

You can also follow the web from Twitter ( Also check out the Internet news Facebook Fan page.

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Internet news an indepent media site devoted to internet and technology multimedia information and social media.

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