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17/01-11   -   Press releases

IFSEC West Africa Conference to address pressing security concerns for businesses operating in the West African region

Montgomery Africa is proud to present the IFSEC West Africa Conference entitled Security Strategies and Solutions for Corporate, Personal and Asset Protection, which will address security topics pertinent to businesses operating in the West African region. The conference will be held on 15 and 16 February 2011 at the Eko Expo Centre in Lagos, Nigeria.

The IFSEC West Africa Conference will coincide with IFSEC West Africa which will be the first event of its kind to ever take place in the West African region, and will offer security professionals a unique opportunity to view, source and purchase the very latest security services, products and innovations from around the world, while networking with industry peers.

According to Grant Mills, Managing Director of Montgomery Africa, the IFSEC West Africa Security Conference is a forum for national and international security experts from the public and private sector to come together and address some of the most pressing security concerns facing the region.

“The security conference will provide security practitioners with unique insights and help them weigh up the pros and cons of different security strategies, helping them make informed decision about security budget spending," says Mills.
The discussion will begin with an overview of the key security issues and infrastructure challenges facing West Africa, as well as how the government, police and public sector are addressing these limitations with workable strategies to improve West Africa’s security situation, and open up the region to international investment.

The conference will also address the thorny issue of kidnapping threats, identifying key kidnapping threat situations for permanent and visiting personnel, and evaluate anti-kidnapping technologies to reduce the threat of kidnapping.
The corporate and security planning portion of the conference will look at designing and implementing a holistic security system to protect against external and internal security threats for corporations.

The IFSEC West Africa conference will also include an in-depth discussion of asset protection strategies, and particularly pertinent to oil-rich West Africa, will be the examination of initiatives to improve the security and protection of Oil and Gas assets.

Delegates will hear insights and advice from leading security experts including the Lagos State Security Trust Fund, Pipeline Professionals’ Association of Nigeria (PLAN), West African Action Network on Small Arms, and the UK National Counter Terrorism Security Office.

The discussion will also include an evaluation on how major corporations such as Fidelity Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, Shell Petroleum Development Co, and Addax Petroleum Development are implementing cost-effective security measures to protect staff and assets.

Finally, the conference agenda will incorporate some of the most innovative technological solutions for asset and corporate protection, including: wireless technologies for protecting remote assets from malicious damage and implementing IP surveillance, access control and alarm systems.

IFSEC West Africa is the latest addition to the IFSEC international brand and is a joint venture between UBM Live, organiser of the world’s largest security event, the annual IFSEC show in Birmingham, UK and Montgomery Worldwide, organiser of African events including Electra Mining and Interbuild. Montgomery Africa is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Montgomery Worldwide.

“The IFSEC West Africa Conference topics have been tailor-made for a West African, audience, as well as any company who wishes to offer risk management and security solutions to that market," says Mills. “I believe that delegates will derive some valuable and practical insights by attending this important event," he concluded.

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