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25/01-11   -   Press releases

Tessiltoschi presents the new website of footwear fabrics

Tessiltoschi is an italian company involved in the textile market since 1968. We are actually known as the leading producer of fabrics for the footwear and leatherware industry. Our production is mainly focused on technical fabrics and fashion fabrics that give our customers the possibility to create fashionable and affordable end products.

We offer a highly personalized service and we aim to work very close to our customers. This is why we decided to realize the new website where we present the comprehensive collection of our actual production: non woven fabric, footwear fabric, woolen felt, anti perforation and anti static fabric.

The website includes a section where our consolidated and new potential customers can view the complete list of our agents and representatives as well as our attendance to the international trade fairs and exhibitions. A comprehensive website related to our world and especially devoted to provide information on our handbag fabrics and fabrics for shoes.

The new website is also a confirmation of our philosophy based on the combination of the tradition and innovation concepts. A combination that must go hand in hand with a sustainable growth and that must consider, nowadays, the concept of environmental impact to which our company is very sensitive.

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