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10/02-11   -   Press releases

Valoriani floor tiles for bakery. A refractory cotto useful for many different purposes: pizza, bread, roasts

One of the most important things to obtain a good bread handmade, in addition to the dough, is to cook it in a wood fired oven of high quality and performances. Valoriani ovens are built entirely in refractory cotto, they meet these high standards, and thanks to the wide range of refractory floors they are the ideal solution to cook both bread and pizza.

The bread making is an ancient art always fascinating, that is worth rediscovering by women in their kitchen as it happened in the traditional homes of the past. It is an activity that requires passion and attention to the details and that can transform few basic elements, poor but of great nutritional value, in an excellent product with thousands of flavors and endless shapes.

The bread, along with pasta, is the main food of the Mediterranean diet, healthy and never too high in fat, suitable for many different categories of people, regardless of age, it can be eaten as a snack, as a carrier for another, usually less compact, food or as it suggests the imagination. There are many secrets, that lead to the success of bread, one of them is undoubtedly the baking and consequently the place where it takes place: the oven.

Valoriani ovens are built with a special refractory cotto, that allows to keep the heat uniform and extended. The perfumes, given by the burning wood, enrich the flavor and the smell of the homemade bread, while the floor warmed up in all its parts, ensures a perfect and uniform baking. The floor tiles for bakery produced by the company are created with the same great attention both for the choice and use of refractory cotto.

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