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17/02-11   -   Press releases

teliad launches the RankingIndex

teliad, an international SEO services provider, has today launched the RankingIndex a new measured value for the visibility of a domain on Google.

For many websites, the ranking on search engines is the decisive factor when it comes to commercial success. In recent years, search engine optimization has therefore developed into one of the most important success factors for webpages. Ranking better for important keywords means more unique visitors to the website. Thus, measurability and comparability of the individual ranking to the most important competitors, as well as the monitoring of the ranking strength of an entire domain, is an important means of analysis in the area of search engine optimization. This is where the RankingIndex comes into play.

The RankingIndex provides information about the visibility/significance of an entire domain on search engines and pays attention to all relevant ranking data. The higher the RankingIndex, the stronger the visibility of the domain on Google. "Webmasters regularly ask themselves the central question: What´s the status of my ranking? Has the ranking developed any further? Monitoring the RankingIndex allows customers, for example, to determine steady improvement or also deterioration of the ranking of a domain. In addition, the value allows for direct comparison to the most important competitors in regards to findability. Therefore, we offer website owners a new measured value in order to strategically monitor the ranking of a domain", says Andresas Armbruster, CEO of teliad.

A few weeks ago, the company has launched the RankingScore. The RankingScore provides information on how a specific URL is ranked on Google, i.e. how significant a URL is on Google. The RankingScore thus helps among other things in evaluating the possible quality and strength of a backlink from this specific URL. As opposed to the RankingIndex, the RankingScore does not concentrate on the evaluation of an entire domain but a single URL.

The RankingIndex can be determined for any domain in German, English, Spanish, French or Italian. Additionally, teliad also publishes an updated list of the Top100 domains from each language periodically. Usage of the RankingIndex is free and can be queried without a customer account on the website:

About teliad
teliad is an international marketplace for text links and is available in five languages. The company has established itself in the last five years as a central port of call for link building. Customers can find a high-quality portfolio of offers from more than 15,000 individually checked domains in the most diverse content areas and languages on the self-service marketplace. The extremely wide variety of placements and variants as well as numerous offered sub-pages make up an extensive total offering with more than 25,000 booking possibilities. In addition there are more than 150,000 content-specific posts/articles in an article database for the post link product. Besides the self-service marketplace for the purchase or sale of search engine-relevant back links, the company also offers a link building service. In return for a small service fee, teliad takes care of the implementation of link building campaigns, including administration and handling, for projects of customers that include many well-known SEO agencies.

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