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25/02-11   -   Press releases

PreGel SpA annouces 2011 partnerships with two prestigious culinary schools

For the the italian company PreGel, 2011 starts under the sign of two big parnterships.
This year the company will sponsor Alma and CASTAlimenti, two prestigious schools of italian cuisine, both born from the will of two great masters of taste: the top chef Gualtiero Marchesi and famous pastry chef Iginio Massari.

The collaboration between PreGel and Alma keeps on positively. Alma is the International School of Italian Cuisine, directed by world-renowned chef Gualtiero Marchesi, who annually trains future professionals for restaurant and wine fields.

Last year, more than 2000 students have got to know to PreGel products - from gelato bases to pastry and desserts products. The students followed courses to learn how to use ingredients and PreGel products, to get good results in preparing desserts, with the help offered by the company.

The plans for 2011 seem to be good as well: Alma keeps on growing, as witnessed by the recent investments that allowed to build a new Gelato / Pastry corner and a specific training classroom for the basic techniques. Very soon the students will be able to create delicious gelato, desserts and pastries with PreGel products, in a totally dedicated school area.

Besides the strong and long lasting relationship with Alma, 2011 opens with a new partnership between PreGel and CASTAlimenti - Arts Centre, Food Science and Technology - an important cookery school in Brescia, which has become a point of reference for professional training in the areas of pastry making, gastronomy, ice cream making and cooking.

Commissioned by the President and Director Vittorio Santoro, along with Iginio Massari - "Italy´s most famous pastry chef" - and other leading figures of Italian restaurants, the school is visited by over 5,000 professionals per year, who can attend courses, take part of events, meetings with companies, Italian and international competitions.
As the main sponsor of this Institute for this year, PreGel is supplying its products and actively participating in the members training, supporting the institute teachers with their Technical emplyoees, during the courses.

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