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07/03-11   -   Press releases

Kaushik Tailor wins Udaipur bowling competition

Kaushik Tailor, the legendary fast bowler of Udaipur, has won a prestigious local cricketing competition. He bowled out the most number of batsmen in the shortest period of time, in front a home crowd at his local cricket ground.

The competition began over 100 years ago and it has taken place every January since then. The cricket ground is always packed to capacity with spectators, many of whom travel hundreds of miles to see these great bowlers in action on the pitch. Kaushik Tailor is only 22 years old but has already earned himself a reputation as a fine batsman with a great future in the sport. He managed to bowl out 7 bowlers in just 15 minutes during the course of the competition and this placed him well above the next best in the line-up.

Raj Manjut has been coaching Kaushik Tailor for the last five years and can see his great potential: “Kaushik is one of the best young cricketers I have seen during my whole coaching career. He is a natural player and this is important. Certain skills you can teach but if that natural ability is absent, you will never be great. I am hoping for very big things for him in this sport."

Kaushik Tailor has won the ‘Fast Bowl Cup’ three times now and is already practising hard for next year’s competition in attempt to beat his own winning time and the number of batsmen he bowled out. It’s this level of dedication to the sport that should see him progress and go far.


ABOUT Kaushik Tailor - He is an Indian fast bowler who has had great success in his local province of Udaipur.

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