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04/05-11   -   Press releases

New site announced only about the very best restaurants in the World reviews the best restaurants in the World is now launched and is for everyone who is interested in fine dining. The site’s two founders and its inspectors have been to more than 1,000 fine dining restaurants over the last five years and have gained unique references to be able to judge what restaurants are the best in the World.

The site publish new reviews from all over the World on a daily basis and is perfect for everyone who likes to learn more about the most prominent restaurants on the planet and which ones to visit as well as to avoid. It is expensive to visit the most exclusive restaurants, but unfortunately not all restaurants are as good as they like appear and charge for. publish a list of the best 30 restaurants in the World at the moment and the list is not just updated once per year. If a restaurant has consistency problems they risk being removed from the list much sooner than after a whole year as other food publications do it. All restaurants reviewed are visited on a regular basis by’s inspectors, but also by all its readers who constantly send feedback and that also are welcome to publish their own reviews and comments on the site for everyone to share.

Every month is one restaurant awarded as the Restaurant of the Month and that is the dining venue who received the highest score and who deserves to be recognized extra. The Danish restaurant Geranium has zero Michelin stars and is not on any top lists, but considers it as one of the best restaurants in the World at the moment.

Geranium is a good example of the’s sophisticated rating system to judge what restaurant is the best. The score descriptions are based upon seven different criteria’s with a max score of 10 in each except for the taste criteria where it is 40 so taste is by far the most important criteria to judge a restaurant. Not stylish interior or fancy presentations.

The site has a blog as well about everything that is fine dining and all readers are welcome to publish their thoughts and opinions as well.
“The Michelin Guide and the Restaurant magazine are two publications that likes to rate the very best, but they have flaws," said Teddy Birch Petersen, co-founder of “Having as a complement will be a huge benefit for all food lovers."

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A site about all that is fine dining for everyone who likes to have something more than just fast food. is on a quest to find the best restaurant in the World and hundreds of restaurants will be reviewed on its way. A top 30 list of the very best is regularly updated to keep track on what is the best right now.

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