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23/05-11   -   Press releases

PreGel Yogurt: 25 years in gelato market

PreGel Yogurt has recently celebrated 25 years of success: Yoggi and the wide range of products launched since then have contributed to the development of an increasingly important market segment, which combines the pleasure of ice cream with a healthy and beneficial food, rich in calcium, vitamins and minerals.

Yogurt is considered the healthy food par excellence. The consumption of this food has ancient origins: the Phoenicians, Egyptians, Greeks and Romans were used to eating it; it is mentioned in the "Arabian Nights" and the Russian microbiologist Metchnikoff believed that this special nourishment could even lengthen the life of human beings.

Yogurt gelato is one of the leading products of PreGel, a renowned Italian company which produces high quality semi-finished products for ice cream and pastries.

PreGel Yogurt recently celebrated 25 years since its launch: in 1985 Luciano Rabboni, company founder and president, launched Yoggi, a new product in gelato market, which was meant to become a worldwide success, thanks to its new and refreshing flavour.

In fact, Yoggi has become a classic of gelato industry, which has conquered many consumers and a great amount of ice cream parlors around the world; it is also the "secret ingredient" behind the success of many South American and U.S. frozen yogurt chains.

The meeting of a healthy and natural food with the freshness of the italian gelato has been declined into a wide range of products, which is constantly evolving, according to the consumers´ habits and tastes.

PreGel yougurt-based products now includes Yoggi, the classic formula; Frozen Yoggi, which is meant to prepare frozen yougurt and soft ice cream; Yonice Soft, the low-fat version and Yogursprint, suitable for quick preparations.

There´s also a line which is dedicated to those people who want to stay healthy and fit: "Wellness Gelato" (Gelato della Salute).

These products are low in calories and fat but stil preserve the original flavor and texture of yogurt ice cream.

These gelato flavours are based on a low-calorie recipe, they are sucrose-free and enriched with BENEO® fiber: a natural ingredient extracted from chicory root, which helps balancing the intestinal flora; this fiber increases the absorption of calcium up to three times, and stimulates the body´s natural defenses.

Gelato della Salute line is a good choice when following a weight loss program: it allows people to eat a good gelato, without feeling too worried for its calories. In fact, 100 g of Yoguspecial Light flavours (yogurt-based flavours like strawberry, banana and exotic fruits) only have 80 calories.

The company provides its business partners with a large range of promotional materials and information about every PreGel product line; gelato makers and pastry chefs also receive suggestions on how to make proper preparations to let these products perform their best.

For more information about PreGel and its products for pastry, desserts and gelato, please visit or come find PreGel on Facebook:

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