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06/06-11   -   Press releases

Image editing for the third dimension: MAGIX Photo premium 10

MAGIX Photo Premium 10 is the first image editing software from MAGIX to enter the depths of the room. This package contains the best-seller MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD 10 Deluxe as well as the convenient graphic design solution MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer 6 and brings the 3D experience to all home PCs and television sets. To mark its anniversary, as well as the facial expression & mimic optimization software Reallusion Face Filter Studio 2 SE you´ll get the data protection and data recovery program MAGIX Rescue your data for free. The package for 3D image editing is now available in stores and online at

Image editing and slideshows in 3D

The most obvious innovation of the new version is its support of 3D. MAGIX PhotoStory on CD & DVD 10 Deluxe creates impressive 3D experiences using suitable material from current stereoscopic cameras, this same effect can be achieved by superimposing corresponding 2D photos. It is available online and in stores now. Included in the package is a pair of red-cyan glasses so that 3D can be viewed on any regular computer monitor or television set, something which, until now, was only possible on movie screens. In addition, the shutter or polarized glasses technology used in cinemas is also supported and offers people who own suitable TV sets an even sharper 3D experience. Of course, the all-round image editing for slideshows enhances all other recent innovations too, including for example new, animated decoration objects, changing colors in selected areas of the image and creating real 3D texts.

Image editing with artistic standards

The second program in the package is the all-powerful designer MAGIX Photo & Graphic Designer 6, which is available on its own. The program can handle graphics, image editing and layout design too. This makes it the ideal accompaniment to any slideshow. Whether intended for retouching images or for designing elaborate packaging for DVD cases, this software is just the right tool. Even complex image editing such as intelligent rescaling - enlarging the most important elements of the image without distortion is quick and easy. For example, photos can be perfectly prepared for inclusion in a slideshow. Owners of pressure-sensitive tablets or devices with Windows 7 with multi-touch capabilities can implement their creative illustrations and manipulations by use of appropriate hardware with notable ease.

The versatile software package is complemented well by the backup solution software MAGIX Rescue your data, meaning all important data can be safely stored away on blanks, external hard drives or online. This significantly reduces the risk that all the time invested in image editing is lost one day due to a technical error.

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