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23/06-11   -   Press releases

Maybach is sponsor of the retrospective “Permanently Becoming and the Architecture of Seeing" by Julian Schnabel.

June 21th 2011 – What have in common Venice, the decadent city of the lagoon, and Maybach, the luxury cars brand of the Daimler AG group? Not much, you’d may think, since in Venice it is not possible to drive wheeled vehicles, especially of the imposing size of the giants from Sindelfingen. But the city and the luxury cars brand share similar traits d’union and, you may say, they have a common vocation for the art, besides their uniqueness, allure and their timeless, incomparable elegance.

The ideal union between Maybach and Venice was highlighted by an important retrospective on Julian Schnabel, partner of the German luxury cars brand since 2010. The exhibition, staged at the Museo Correr in the central Piazza San Marco from June 4th to November 27th, has been organized thanks to the collaboration of Maybach as main sponsor.

Alongside the exhibition - “Julian Schnabel. Permanently Becoming and the Architecture of seeing" - an especially realized piece of art was shown to the art lovers during the Biennale days: “The Ones You Didn´t Write – The Maybach Car" is a special Maybach vehicle painted by Julian Schnabel together with his protégé Vahakn Arslanian. This collaboration falls within the context of the Wilhelm and Karl Maybach Foundation’s Mentoring Programme. The mission of the luxury cars brand non-profit foundation is to mentor young artists and talented young leaders facing adversity to bring about positive change


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