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19/07-11   -   Press releases

Woman Urges CPS To Be Tougher After Uninsured Driver Escapes Ban

Serious injury lawyers from Irwin Mitchell urge motorists to drive more carefully after victim suffers “life changing injuries" in crash

A woman who was hospitalised for eight days when she was knocked down by an uninsured driver is urging the CPS to be tougher on those who commit driving offences. Her call comes after the driver that caused her injuries escaped without a driving ban.

Jane Pratt, aged 50, from Wakefield, was left with a string of injuries including fractures to her skull, pelvis and ankle when she was run over on a zebra crossing in Bradford Road on 7 December 2010.

Even though a judge at Batley and Dewsbury Magistrates court ruled that the driver, who was driving his uncle’s car and was uninsured, was at fault for the crash, the judge was unable to hand out a driving ban because the driver had only been charged with careless driving.

Serious injury experts from law firm Irwin Mitchell are working to secure a rehabilitation package for Mrs Pratt who is still suffering from her injuries six months after the accident.

She said: “I will have to live with my injuries forever when the man who caused my injuries was allowed to continue to drive and get on with his life as normal. It’s just unfair."

Charlotte Foster, a solicitor in the Serious Injury team at Irwin Mitchell, said: “Mrs Pratt suffered life changing injuries as a result of an accident that was in no way her fault, and no matter what penalty the driver received her injuries could never have been reversed.

“Motorists need to remember they have a responsibility to drive carefully and safely, and must be aware that all too often dangerous driving results in disastrous consequences for the victims.

“Reckless driving demonstrates a complete disregard for the safety of others and puts the lives and wellbeing of innocent people at risk."

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