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21/07-11   -   Press releases

Obesity bigger cause of breast cancer than smoking or drinking

Delyth Morgan, Chief Executive, Breast Cancer Campaign said “Scientists have shown further evidence that obesity, measured as having a BMI* of over 30, is a major factor in breast cancer. This is because fat tissue secretes the hormone oestrogen which fuels breast cancer growth.

“This study indicates that obesity is a significant contributory risk factor and an area where an individual can take charge of their own health but it is important to remember that the biggest risks are age and genetics.

“Breast Cancer Campaign is working hard through its research to find definitive answers to why breast cancer develops but we do know that drinking excess alcohol and smoking can play a part. Therefore adopting a balanced lifestyle approach, including a healthy diet and exercise, are steps that can be taken not just to reduce the risk of breast cancer, but that of heart disease, diabetes and other serious illnesses."

*BMI is a measurement of height in relation to weight. Further information on how to measure your BMI can be found here.

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