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02/08-11   -   Press releases

From the Pacific to the Beauty Farm Alhambra hammam and treatments with Tiar è, Monoi oil and vanilla

The beauty secret of the Polynesian women arrive at the wellness centre of Tabiano together with many new massages and beauty treatments. Come and visit us!

New hammam programmes, massages from the Moroccan and Pacific lands, precious wellness treatments: the Beauty Farm Alhambra invites its guests to experience the latest trends and to relax, starting with the hammam with the Tiar è scent.
The traditional hammam programme, in fact, is enriched by the sweet notes of a delicat Polynesian flower, the Tiar è, from which it is extracted an oil, ideal to moisturize and protect body and hair. After the entrance in the Tepidarium, the staff will carry out a body scrub based on brown sugar, poppy and Tiar è oil. The pleasure of the "vapour bath" in the Calidarium and the immersion in the hydromassage in the Frigidarium are followed by an oleation with the Monoi oil with Tiar è, the beauty secret of the Polynesian women. Finally, relax with herbal teas and pastries.

For a walk at Taha´a, the vanilla island, it is not necessary to take a flight, you just need to take refuge in the wellness oasis of the Beauty Farm Alhambra, that combines the traditional hammam programme with a scrub based on vanilla, sea salt, orange blossom water, to purify deeply the skin before entering in the Calidarium and then in the swimming pool of the Frigidarium. The vanilla Monoi oil, thanks to its moisturizing and nourishing properties, is used for a precious oleation of the body.

The Alhambra hammam programme grows rich too, and, compared to the standard formula, it proposes a gommage and a body washing carried out by the staff, in addition to a pleasant oleation with the Argan oil, very rich in Vitamin E.

Once the hammam is over, it is time for the peeling with wrapping, like the one with ginger to drain, revitalize and stimulate the peripheral blood circulation. The cinnamon and coffee peeling is based on a manual Chinese technique that exploits the pressure of thumbs, fingers, elbows, knees and feet.

For sensitive skins, there is nothing better than the soothing and placating properties of the chamomile, together with the purifying ones of the coconut and fennel.
After the peeling it is time to enter into the world of massages offered by the wellness centre: shiatsu, ayurveda, Tibetan, with warm stones, foot reflexology, to the latest Berber massage, a likewise purification ritual that is usually connected to the hammam. The treatment is carried out only with Argan oil, softly harmonized by the scent of rose water.
Finally, to loosen all tensions and fight the free radicals, there is the relaxing massage with Monoi oil, with the delicate scents of coconut, vanilla and Tiar è flowers.

For further information about the wellness offers, the Hammam of Tabiano and the wellness packages, please visit the website


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