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12/09-11   -   Press releases

This is Dentistry-An Impartial And Up-To-Date Dental Information Website For The UK Public

A multitude of websites and other dentistry resources can be found online, but nothing compares to the information and convenience provided by This is Dentistry – an independent site with the latest information in the world of dentistry. This is Dentistry makes it easier for everyone to get the dental information they need and want – in the most convenient ways possible.

What sets This is Dentistry apart from other online dentistry sources?
Studies show that a significant percentage of the UK public (approximately 25-50 %!) do not visit the dentist, for various reasons. The focus of This is Dentistry is to empower the public with information that is easy to find, and easy to understand. The goal of This is Dentistry is to encourage and invite the public to share their experiences, and to discuss their fears and problems with expert UK dentists – without having to make a commitment to specific treatments. This is Dentistry aims to change the face of dentistry in the UK with the use of social media blogs, Facebook, Twitter and Disqus, and forming a mutually-beneficial dental community consisting of ordinary people and expert UK dentists.

When asked about how this website helps the UK public, a spokesperson for said, "We are aware that many people fear dentists and the tools and gadgets that the dentists use. This is Dentistry aims to educate the public with information on the latest innovations and cutting-edge technology in the world of dentistry, so more people will discover that dentistry has made leaps and bounds in treating dental problems in recent years. The latest technology can now make nearly-painless dentistry possible."

He also said, "There are now more dentists who will go out of their way to make their patients as comfortable as possible, easing their dental fears and anxieties. Dentistry as we know it now recognizes the need for a patient to feel relaxed when it comes to dental treatments, and this is the reason why we have dental hypnotist advisors onboard. We hear of countless stories about people refusing to go even for a routine dental checkup for years, because of the crippling fear that they experience with the mere thought of seeing the dentist."

This is Dentistry provides an opportunity for patients to break through the walls of their dentist fears, so they can get the dental treatments they need and deserve without having to deal with panic attacks.

Features that set This is Dentistry apart from other online dental directories:
•Easy to use online dental directory for patients
•Completely independent and impartial directory
•Easy to understand, up-to-date information on dental treatments, common problems and brand names
•Easily find a dentist in your area
•View the profile page of featured dentists showing their patient images and practice videos
•Patients can readily contact expert dental advisors
•Patients can “Get a Quote" from a dentist listed in This is dentistry
•Continuously changing dental information to benefit both patients and dentists
•Members of the public can share their problems with others and "Get Quick Answers"
•Latest dental blog & news topics
•Patient forum, where you can discuss dental topics with UK dentists

About ThisisDentistry:
This is Dentistry was formed in 2010 by business owners, who have over 15 years of experience working in the field of dentistry. The goal of This is Dentistry is to have everything about dentistry in the UK in this website, bringing valuable dentistry information much closer to the public. The website has features designed to encourage and invite patients to build a community with other members of the public, and with expert UK dentists as well; these features include: FIND A DENTIST (in a local area), news topics, blogs, forums, and even an ASK A DENTIST page where members can chat directly with dentists or even Get a Quote.

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