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11/10-11   -   Press releases

Interlinguae Seeks Authors To Be Published Internationally

With almost thirty years experience in translation, interpreting and localisation, Interlinguae s.r.l. has long been one of the frontrunners in the extensive European translation industry. Now, with the creation and growth of its publishing subsidiary, Interlinguae Ltd, it seeks to expand into publishing world-class international literature and provide a direct link between authors and readers of all nations.

Established in 2009, in the heart of Oxford, England, Interlinguae Ltd has already begun publishing a small but significant selection of titles, and is constantly seeking new authors who would be interested in having their works translated and distributed across the EU and beyond, as well as accepting suggestions from readers for works to be translated. Interlinguae accepts books of all stripes, its current range including books on Philosophy, Biography, Fiction and History.

As a company, Interlinguae seeks to use e-books as its primary avenue of distributions, as it is both a faster, cheaper and, above all, greener means of establishing contact between authors and readers, and a means of accomplishing its core aims of promoting international literature, giving prominence to less recognised works, and enhancing the written word with digital applications. Interlinguae also offers print-on-demand services for its books, for those who prefer print over digital formats.

Interlinguae S.r.l., based in Parma in the north of Italy since 1982, boasts a staff of over 400 individually specialised translators and interpreters, spread across the whole of Europe, who provide high-quality, rapid translation services for a broad variety of customers, including universities, corporations, governments and the EU itself. As it shares this highly professional workforce, Interlinguae Ltd can assure authors that their work will be accurately translated, and that readers will get as much enjoyment from the text as if they were reading it in its original language. Interested authors are invited to consult the submission guidelines at

Interlinguae Ltd
31 Beaumont Street
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 (0)1865 513453

Interlinguae S.r.l.
Strada del Repubblica 45
43121 Parma
Tel: +39 0521 1841150

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Interlinguae Books Ltd
31 Beaumont Street
Oxford, OX3 9DL, England

   +44 (0)1865 513453

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