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25/11-11   -   Press releases

Jamie & Sophie named most mis-matched celebrity couple by Memory Foam Mattress Direct

As strong believers in the power of memory foam mattresses to ensure a great night’s sleep, have been looking into the most mis-matched celebrity couple – who would definitely benefit from sleeping on memory foam.

At almost a foot shorter than his statuesque wife, Sophie Dahl, Jamie Cullum is the one who is likely to get a disturbed night’s sleepÂ…unless they sleep on memory foam, which is famous for eradicating the “rock and roll" effect of conventional mattresses.

No longer together, maybe the mattress was the problem? Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman must have suffered the same fate. Not only were the red carpet appearances embarrassing, but being kept awake by a partner much taller than you must be very annoying. Wonder if he has the same issue with Katie?

We’ve all put up with our partner being annoying while we try and sleep: snoring, huffing & puffing, rolling over and stealing the duvet. Well, that is so much more annoying if your partner is a whole two feet taller than you! Imagine how 5’2" Nicole Alexander feels, snuggling up to 7’1"Basketball player boyfriend, Shaquille O’Neal. When he shifts around in his sleep, she is really going to notice.

MemoryFoamMattressDirect think they can save all these short lived celebrity relationships, with the recommendation of a good memory foam mattress. Even non-famous couples can benefit from a good night’s sleep; they will be less irritable and prone to fewer arguments, living happily ever after.

Visit to see the full list of mis-matched celebrity couples.

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