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25/11-11   -   Press releases

Debt Info Centre recommends best debt management iphone apps

With uncertainty in the international financial markets and rising unemployment, more and more people in the UK are at risk of falling into debt. Mobile apps can be a great help in managing finances, especially on a budget. Advice resource rounds up the best, starting with the iPhone.

In the past debt management has been a pen and paper task, moving onto spreadsheets with the use of home computers. Now mobile phone technology has moved along so rapidly that the debt management experts at Debt Info Centre recommend anyone struggling to stick to a budget should investigate the helpful apps and gadgets available.

Debt Info Centre is an independent advice group setup to provide the clearest advice and help for people in debt. Visitors to the website can receive impartial, expert debt advice, read through a wide range of useful resources and even use the “Debt Calculator" to find the best debt solutions in just 3 quick steps.

Now they have turned their eyes to mobile apps, specifically those apps appearing on the latest version of the iPhone, the iPhone 4S, and gadgets in the first of a new series exploring the way that technological innovations can help with debt management in the current financial climate.

The best budget management iPhone apps identified by Debt Info Centre have been praised for being easy to use, featuring clear calculation expenditures and visual representations of incoming funds and outgoing expenditures.

The best debt management apps and gadgets can be found here



Debt Info Centre is a totally independent advice group set up to supply the clearest advice and help for people struggling with debt.

We understand that debt can be confusing and overpowering, especially in the current financial climate, that´s why we aim to make debt and budget problems easy to understand.

Our in-depth resources will inform you about a wide range of common debt problems as well as the various debt solutions available to you through impartial, jargon-free guides. With detailed breakdowns of the processes and consequences of each and every possible option, you can ensure that you are better informed before you look to address your debt problems.

The website features debt solutions, glossary, and a blog covering credit card, bankruptcy, credit ratings and repayment advice.

Whatever your circumstances, we provide guidance that helps you choose the best debt solution so you will regain control over your finances and start enjoying life again.

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