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27/12-11   -   Press releases

Gamblers missing out on over £10,000 of free bets, according to new research!

Gamblers are missing out on over £10,000 of free bets from the top online bookmakers, according to new research conducted by in their quest to help punters negotiate the free bet minefield safely.

Gamblers who like placing sports bets or playing casino,poker,bingo,games online are failing to give themselves an `edge` on the online bookmaker`s by taking full advantage of the online bookmaker`s free bet offers to give themselves `value bets` in their never ending quest to beat the bookies according to extensive research carried out by

With over £10000 of free bets freely available to be claimed by anyone who has an interest in gambling and looking to make their gambling pay, are somewhat puzzled as to why many gamblers are not claiming the free bet promotional offers from top gambling portals such as Betfair,Bet365,William Hill,Ladbrokes and many more online bookmakers.

If gamblers took advantage of the free bets on offer from the bookmaker`s to bet on sports,horse racing,football,tennis or any other event they would like to bet on then they significantly boost their returns straight away as the bookmaker`s free bet promotional offers represent excellent value and if gamblers know how to do matched betting then they can win a large percentage of the free bets on offer with little or no risk of losing their own money!

Matched betting explained-It is possible to make hundreds and even thousands of pounds of free cash by doing matched betting to take advantage of the bookmakers introductory free bet offers and research found that if gamblers followed the matched betting stategy mentioned below then they could very easily win hundreds and thousands of pounds with little or no risk of losing their own money. researcher Gary Lester says "The best way to do matched betting is to keep things simple as if you start complicating things then you are more likely to make a mistake.I like to do the bookmakers free bet offers one at a time and take my time but if the odds are favourable for doing 2 at a time then i may be tempted ie a tennis match where one player is evens(2.0) at one bookmaker and the other player is also evens(2.0) at another bookmaker who are both offering the same free bet amount.Example,say player (A) is evens(2.0) at Stanjames who are offering a £25 free bet and player (B) is evens(2.0) at Corals who are also offering a £25 free bet.So i can then place a £25 bet on EACH player to win the match and my total money staked is £50 but whoever wins does not concern me as i am bound to win £50 back no matter who wins.

Lets say player (A) one the match

I had £25 on player (A) at Stanjames and so i won £25+ my stake money back (£25)=£50

I had £25 on player (B) at Corals and so i lost £25

So i have bet £50 in total on the tennis match and got back £50 in winnings and so i am neither at a loss or at a profit,but i now have 2-£25 free bets to bet with.

My stategy for doing one free bet offer is the same but instead of using 2 bookmakers i use one bookmaker who is offering a free bet and then use my betting exchange account to (lay) the same bet.This is my usual approach as i just use an odds comparison site to find out which odds on an event are roughly the same at both a bookmaker and my betting exchange,then i back the selection at the bookmaker and (lay) the selection at the betting exchange.

To cash in the free bets i look for a selection around the 5/1-10/1 mark who i think has little chance of winning and i place the free bet on the selection at the bookmaker where i won the free bet and then (lay) the same selection at the betting exchange.If the selection loses then i win the free bet money staked(minus 5% betting exchanges commission charges) and if the selection wins then i do not win anything but have not lost anything either.This way i can win most of the free bet money been offered every time the selection LOSES.

The safe way to cash in the free bets i have won would be to place them on an event such as a tennis match as mentioned above but then i would only win HALF of the free bet money as most of the free bet offers only pay out your winnings on the free bet and do not include the free bet money itself.So if i placed 2-£25 free bets on the tennis match mentioned above then i would only win £25.

The first method is more of a gamble but even if all the 5/1-10/1 shots win i only lose the free bet money and not my money and is the method i prefer because if all the selections lose then i win all the free bet money been offered(minus 5% commission charges)and the law of averages says that if i am backing 10/1 shots to lose i will win 9 times and lose once.So if i placed 10-£25 free bets by this method(£250),the law of averages says i am likely to win 9 of them(9 times £25=£225).Whereas in the safe method the law of averages says i will win 50% of the free bets been offered (£125).If you did all the free bets on the site then you have the potential to win hundreds of free cash this way." also have many free bet offers which simply are not available by going to the bookmakers sites directly such as the Paddy Power free bet which is ££100 on the site but it is only a £10 free bet offer if you go to the Paddy Power site directly.There are many more bet offers like this on the site that just simply are not available by going to the bookmakers sites directly.

Gary Lester of said: “With the competition that now exists between all the online bookmakers looking to attract new customers,punters should be looking to exploit the vulnerable position of the bookies having to offer a free bet promotion in order to keep up with the competition and claim every free bet offer they can."

“Tthe local high-street bookie giving you bad odds on your bets and no free bet offers are a thing of the past.Now, there are literally thousands of pounds of free bets out there waiting for punters to claim by bookmakers offering excellent odds on all the major sporting events."

If you would like to see the present free bet offers freely available for anyone to claim then please visit the Uk`s favourite free bets website:-


Note to Editors is a leading UK sports betting service who are in daily contact with all the top online bookmaker`s and thus are able to offer punters the most up to date free bet offers available.We have over 30 years of gambling knowledge on course,in the betting shops and online.We intend to use the knowledge and experience we have gathered in that time to bring punters the best free bet offers and special promotions from all the leading bookmakers online.The bookmakers we deal with are all brand names and have solid reputations.

We have previous experiences of running a website online so we know what clients expect and we aim to deliver.

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