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28/12-11   -   Press releases

Top 5 tips for bluffing in online poker from LuckyVegas77

Playing poker online is just as exciting as in real casinos. A knowledge of bluffing is essential in order to win. Brand new online casino hosts live poker games from the Venice Casino in Malta and shares tips on bluffing successfully.

Everyone knows that in poker, it’s not how good your hand is, but how good you can make your fellow players think it is. The right attitude can turn a low hand into a successful take. Everyone has a chance to win the pot, but only the best bluffers will winÂ…

1. Watch your timing
Timing is your best friend in poker. Be wise and do not bluff right at the beginning of the game. Pretend that you are a thoughtful player who likes to take a bit of time to make decisions. When you pull off a bluff, it will have more impact. Also, don’t bluff too often. Your opponents will quickly notice it and all your efforts will be wasted.

2. Poker faces matter online too
Your behaviour will determine your chances of winning. Don’t forget that your opponents always keep an eye on you. If they notice an unusual action, they can unveil your trick. Of course, playing online, you have an advantage as no one can see your face and your gestures but remember that your way of playing and calling can be as expressive as a smile on your face.

3. Wait and win
Never bluff when there are more than 3 players at the table. You have more chance to lose. The probabilities of a good hand in your opponents’ games are higher than when there is only one player remaining.

4. Make the bluff worth it
Bluff only when the pot is interesting. A bluff needs to be bankable and using it when the pot is just a few dollars isn’t worth it. When the pot is important, players are more likely to follow your call, which means more money if you win.

5. Anticipate
Use everything you can to establish your bluff. Be reactive to every move and use the brief moments your opponents take to think about their hand, and establish a strategy. Don’t forget that in online poker, you can’t see other players’ faces but you can take into account their time taken to react and the amount of raises made. Stay focused.

A bluff has to be wisely considered and not made in a hurry. Knowing all these tips is a good start to winning at online poker. All you need to do now is practice! Good luck.

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Started in 2011, Lucky Vegas 77 represents the evolution in online gaming; providing a full range of online casino and poker games, with live betting and live casino and multiple poker rooms.

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