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09/01-12   -   Press releases

Customer Care by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs

Customer Care Built by Entrepreneurs for Entrepreneurs
cSupport is a startup dedicated to providing the best customer care tool on the web. This tool can be used with ease by busy entrepreneurs, and small businesses. They can expand their network, and also find funds or talent for their startup.

The vision of cSupport was to provide a clean, esthetic, and most of all, to-the-point live chat solution. A live chat solution that wasn’t filled up with unnecessary features confusing the end-user. Today, that vision is a reality.

In 2010, the two co-founders of cSupport, Dan Schultzer and Kasper Christensen, found that the live chat solutions already available on market were far too expensive. They were also poorly designed, and lacked the to-the-point customer care that is necessary in small business customer service. They then began the development of a live chat solution that was focused specifically on entrepreneurs.

Instant Customer Care through Google Talk
The fall of 2011 brought the one-year anniversary of cSupport, and with it, the goal of an entrepreneur friendly live chat solution was accomplished. Now users could do their customer care through Google Talk.

Jabber, the foundation of Google Talk, is an instant messaging system, that can be used on most operating systems in computers and smart phones. Once the Jabber client has been installed, users must add the necessary bots to their Jabber buddy list. After the bots have been added, users are instantly fed newly created chat sessions. In addition, with Jabber clients, such as IM+, users can be online almost anywhere at anytime through an iPhone or Android smart phone. This gives entrepreneurs the flexibility to communicate from the office, from home, or on the go.

Finding Funds and Talent for a Startup Through Live Chat
cSupport‘s co-founders found an interesting and unintentional gain with their live chat solution. Live chatting is not only a customer care tool, it is a networking tool.
The co-founders of cSupport are excited about this discovery. “We found out that many interested investors and talents wanted to help this startup [cSupport], because they simply thought it was an amazing tool. They talked about this through our live chat solution," said Kasper Christensen.

Likewise, Dan Schultzer was surprised with some of the conversations he had through live chat. “In our live chat software, and not with e-mail, we had talks with investors who wanted to push money into the startup [cSupport], people who wish to translate the system, and people who wish to resell the solution." Schultzer felt fortunate to discover the comparison between the live chat software and in person meetings. “It is basically like being at a conference or exposition, just that everything happens online from your computer or smart phone".

Christensen and Schultzer believe that they are extending the human contact. Live chat is an effective customer care platform, but also a way to connect more personally with website visitors. Today, the goal of cSupport is to help entrepreneurs world-wide with a better understanding of customer care, and to connect with those who can help them the most. Christensen and Schultzer believes that this goal will become a reality soon.

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