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15/02-12   -   Press releases

At last on the web the site of Tuscany & Italy Holidays srl

The tour operator Tuscany & Italy Holidays Ltd has recently acquired, an historic site of the receptive island of Elba. Set as one of the most important and comprehensive view of the supply of residences of one of the largest Italian island, the site provides a complete description about rent apartments on the Elba island.

The site is now being brought back in a completely new graphics, but retaining the traditional richness and clarity of information. The new version of the site, as well as always offering a wide range of lodging with a lot of pictures, google map, detailed descriptions and prices of the many accommodation on the Elba island, as of the residence on the Elba Island, is designed in continuous evolution.

In fact, using the advice of Elba island-experts, this site will publish all types of information about beaches, sightseeing opportunities, cuisine, and everything that can help a visitor willing to spend his holidays in the Elba island, therefore looking for a wonderful and comfortable holiday home, or for hotels in the Elba Island, i.m. in the tuscan paradise.

Consulting this site is the best way to get into the spirit of the island itself: indeed the premise is that this site, while respecting its commercial nature, i.m. to speak about hotel, farmhouse and whatever accommodation in Elba, will work to promote a quality-island with beautiful images and timely information. To get an even better idea, you should also visit the one.

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