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07/03-12   -   Press releases

Three dimensional merger in the sport sponsoring industry

A new group in the sports sponsoring industry has been formed out of the merger of LogoPaint, the Danish group, and Three-D-Signs in the UK. The new group will be called LogoPaint. LogoPaint and Three-D-Signs are the two leading players in the specialist on-pitch advertising market. LogoPaint’s key product is the ‘3D Sign’ – a sign which is flat on the ground at the stadium but appears to be standing up in 3-D when seen on the television screen.

The merger is expected to improve the joined group’s ability to share best practices and know-how to continually improve performance and thereby benefit the customers as well as to generate sustainable long-term growth.

Between them, LogoPaint and Three-D-Signs operate in more than 50 countries around the world.
LogoPaint’s core market is European football, producing 3D Signs – also known as CamCarpets - for many of the top leagues in Europe (Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga to name a few) as well as for many national teams.
LogoPaint also has clients in the Middle East, Asia and North America. Three-D-Signs’ core market is the UK and Ireland where it has produced 3D Signs for sponsors of rugby, cricket and football for many years, as well as cricket in the West Indies. Three-D-Signs and LogoPaint also operate through licensees in other territories including Australia, New Zealand, India, South America and Japan. The combined business will operate from headquarters in Vejle, Denmark, with offices in London and Singapore.

Kurt Henning, MD of LogoPaint said: “The merger brings together two innovative and service-led companies. Our strengths mean we have a global business and can give clients a truly world class service.
Our R&D department focuses especially on web integrated systems that makes it easier for our customers to do business with us; and I am looking forward to starting the integration of our businesses and capturing the synergies we have already established previously as business partners."

Angus Chilvers, MD of Three-D-Signs said: “The new LogoPaint group is one of very few businesses in the sports signage industry to truly be able to claim international coverage. This is exciting for us and we hope it brings 3D Signs to new clients and new sports."

With the merger, LogoPaint and Three-D-Signs believe that joining forces will further strengthen the 3D Sign brand and enable them to reach out to even more customers worldwide offering a continued world class product and services.

About Three-D-Signs:

Three-D-Signs Ltd. was founded in January 2008 to consolidate the various different players and technologies involved in 3D signage around the world. In 2010 the company acquired IMG’s 3D signage activities that accounted for rugby, cricket and football in the UK, Ireland and West Indies.


About LogoPaint:
LogoPaint A/S is the world’s largest supplier of 3D Signs to sport arenas and sports events worldwide.
Founded 1997, LogoPaint operates in more than 40 countries throughout the world both directly with clients and through associated companies, partners or agencies.

For more information please contact:

Kurt Henning, MD of LogoPaint, tel: +45 41947608, email: kh(at)
Angus Chilvers, MD of Three-D-Signs, tel: +44 20 7371 3770, email: ac(at)

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