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25/04-12   -   Press releases

Find out how to profit from the price of Oil going up at the pump

The main focus of BetOnMarkets´ most recent webinar, ??Black Gold: How to Profit from Crude Oil on," was to showcase a basic trading strategy on Oil, that could return a profit between 6% to 14% monthly if applied on the platform. Professional traders Phil Carr and Nik Kalsi of the London based Gold and Silver Club, explained that, this strategy does not require a stop loss or technical indicators and that it has a proven success rate of 66%.

The speakers explained how important it is that traders take historical data into account when trying to forecast the movement of the market. One of the highlights of their presentation, prior to sharing their trading strategy, was in fact, a brief comparison of the movement of oil prices during the last 10 and 20 years. Trends show that Oil prices have increased by 427% and 610% respectively.

When trading Oil, Phil and Nik recommend a simple strategy that consists of purchasing a trade with a timeframe of five days, beginning Monday morning and ending Friday evening. Their presentation highlights various advantages of trading Oil on a fixed-odds trading platform. Phil explained that one of the most prominent advantages is that positions cannot be stopped out early, which means that the trade could go against you but that it could also rebound and finish in profit and this is especially the case for Oil due to its extremely volatile nature.

As always, Phil and Nik concluded the session by giving away valuable trading tips to all those present.

Find out how easy it is to set up your own trading strategy to trade Oil on BetOnMarkets by seeing a recording of the webinar:

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