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10/05-12   -   Press releases

EuroSeek Celebrates Re-launch with Coupon Code for Permanent Listing

For sixteen years EuroSeek has existed as a trusted web directory allowing users to search the web in their own languages. Earlier this year, the site re-launched with a new look and extensive social media integration, and now, in celebration of its new direction as an elite web directory webmasters can get a permanent listing by visiting and using the coupon code eur500 at submission.

Why give listings away for free? CMO Robert Prime explains, "We live in a global market, and we serve a global community. By offering this code for permanent listing, we´re really reaching out to the greater community of webmasters and site administrators."

In addition to this limited-time offer for a permanent listing, EuroSeek is committed to a focus on local businesses within each of the regions it serves, as well as continued multi-lingual support. As well, this new incarnation of the company has embraced social media, giving site users the ability not only to rate the sites within the directory, but also to share their opinions and their search results with their Facebook friends, Google Plus circle members, and Twitter followers with just the click of a button.

How does one become one of the selected sites that will grace the virtual pages of the new EuroSeek? Fees begin at $99/year, but for a limited time, site administrators and webmasters can use the code eur500 for a permanent listing. More information can be obtained by sending email to marketing(at)euroseek(dot)com.

About EuroSeek: Originally established in 1996, was the Euro-centric search engine. It quickly became the largest search portal in Europe, allowing users to browse the web in more than 30 languages. In 2002, an American company WeDirect took over operations, joining forces with other web directories to expand its reach. Today, EuroSeek is redefining itself as a social media-savvy paid web directory for only the highest-caliber sites.

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