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22/05-12   -   Press releases

How to Trade Headline News Driven Events on BetOnMarkets - Live Webinar

During BetOnMarkets´ most recent webinar, ??How to Trade Headline News Driven Events on BetOnMarkets,?? professional traders Phil Carr & Nik Kalsi gave practical examples as to how to place bets on various commodities (using as a trading platform) while news feeds are being delivered.

For instance, Phil and Nik explained how the announcements of the Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke, normally cause the commodities markets to rally. This is because he normally discloses sensitive data vis-??-vis the market liquidity during his announcements. Phil suggested placing a bet half an hour after the announcement to capitalize on the momentum.

However, since September 2011, the Federal Reserve announcements do not have the same impact on the prices of commodities like they used to; there´s not enough impact to create a new trend for commodities, known within the financial circles as the ??twist initiative??. The Federal Reserve announcements used to cause the market to sell off and would trigger a downtrend especially for Gold and Silver.

Phil and Nik showed the participants how to capitalize from Gold and Silver day trades in relation to the UK and US market close of trading. Find out more about Gold and Silver news driven trading strategies on by viewing the recording of this webinar:

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